How to Bluejack

Bluejacking means sending errent messages to other people via a bluetooth enabled device without your victim knowing who sent the message. The steps are so simple that even if you are not technologically savvy, you will be able to do it after reading our blue jacking tutorial.

Natually, you would need a Bluetooth enabled phone, PDA or PC you before you can be bluejacked or want to bluejack others. Get a bluetooth for your laptop or a bluetooth enabled phone if you do not have one. The fun begins…

The techniques behind bluejacking are simple, but vary slightly between mobile phones, PDA and PC manufacturers. The simplest way to Bluejack is described below, read our guide for help on bluejacking:


A Simple Guide on Bluejacking using a Handphone

    Start by enabling Bluetooth on your phone
    Name your phone so the person you want to blujack knows who it is. Of course it can be anonymous name.
    In this example let’s use the name ‘BIG BROTHER’
    Go to a place where you think other enabled devices can be found. Click here for a list of potential places.
    Create a new contact in your phone or bluetooth device.
    (this is important!) Rather than writing a name in the name field, type your message.
    An example of a good message would be ‘BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU’
    Save the new contact (message from 7.)
    Select ‘send via Bluetooth’ from the appropriate menu. The phone/PDA/PC will start searching for bluetooth enabled devices.
    A list of names will appear if you are in the vicinity of other enabled devices.
    Choose a name and send.
    Listen out for any beep tones that will identifies your v*ictim
    Enjoy the shock on his/her face when he/she sees your message.

Javiervisit for more information on bluejacking.

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